Dyadic got Greenlit!

Everytime I think about how we have earnt the right to release a game on steam, I get a little excited. Steam is THE place for PC gaming. It’s where my massive library of PC games is stores. It’s a place I check regularly to see what the most current specials are and to play my games. It’s pretty much the place you want to release your game on for PC.

I woke up on Friday the 14th of August to see this email in my inbox: “Congratulations, Dyadic has been Greenlit!”. At first I didn’t believe it. It was 6.30am, I was very tired, and I was very sceptical. I tried reading through the email, then just decided to open steam and check. And behold, it was actually true. I wasn’t half asleep anymore. I was messaging team members about it and we were celebrating. We were excited. We had achieved the Greenlit status.

This whole development cycle has been extremely interesting and different. I always knew there was a lot of work involved in creating a game. I have done so many times. However, I never really looked at it from different angles. Marketing is difficult and time consuming. Writing the devlogs takes time. And there are a load of questions we have to ask ourselves about marketing our game. It’s been hard, and none of us really knew if we were doing it right, but I guess we must have been doing something ok.

Not trying to sound too cliche but I am really thankful for all the support we have received. Being able to work on a games project that would be received by a large market is something I have dreamed of since I was about 12 and I decided I wanted to make games. I really want to put my all into this and hopefully something will come from it.


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