When I grow up…

It’s getting to that time where wanting to be a game programmer is too vague. After completing two trimesters of my Games programming degree, it is finally time to decided where I want to fit in the world of games. There are two main branches which I have been interested in for a while now. The first would be to work with a AAA company and work as an AI Programmer. AI has interested me for a long time and what got me interested was playing smash bros. against computers on the hardest difficulty and seeing how well they reacted to my attacks. I would love to work alongside companies such as HAL Laboratory(The ones who made Super Smash Bros.) or Namco Bandai (The ones who made Tekken).

Though that job interests me, one I would love more is to work with a small team of people as an indie programmer. I would enjoy making tools and extensions for designers to use within unity and that too will be one of my goal this trimester. I have dreamed of working in an indie team for sometime now and I hope by the end of my degree, I will have met the right people to start a team with after completion of the degree.