Green Banana

Green Banana is probably the best 2D game engine in existence if I do say so myself. How did it end up with such a silly name? Simple. I named the engine at 8.30am on a Monday morning before I had had any coffee that day.

The Green Banana Engine (GBE) was created as part of a 40 hour comp where you can make anything called “Make-A-Thing“. My team consisted of Chris Snitzerling (Programmer), Callan Syratt (Programmer), Angelica Zurawski (Artist) and Myself (Programmer). The crazy idea to make an engine in 40hours came from the fact that it doesn’t matter if we succeed or not, as long as we learn, and the fact that we really wanted to challenge ourselves.

The first day was a little chaotic. We had to come up with a game idea to show off the engine and we had to start UML for how the whole engine was going to work. The idea we settled on was a Marshmellow platformer. The Marshmellow would run through the level, collect coins, purchase upgrades, and avoid enemies. Generic, yes, but in the end we were lucky to even get that going.

We spent about half of the first day and half of the second doing UML and planning how everything out fit together. This process was a lot determining what was needed in the engine, and then how we would do it. We stood at a board talking it over for hours on end, and eventually, we can to something that looked like it was going to work (but it totally wasn’t!). I would insert a picture of the Nicely done UML, but I cannot locate it at the moment. Instead, you get scribbles from a board.

IMG_0116 IMG_0117IMG_0118 IMG_0109 IMG_0110 IMG_0111 IMG_0112 IMG_0113 IMG_0114

After all the planning was done, we assigned work and got started. This is our favourite part. We all started writing stuff, committing it to the repo and then we start to realise things are not going to work. So we go back to the board and work out a solution. This happened for 2 days. Eventually we started testing stuff and it was working…mostly. Just don’t run the game for too long ;). Now that we had the systems implemented, it was time to make the game.

We had approximately a day to make the game. Needless to say, during this whole project, we didn’t just work at uni. We continued it at home each night or we stayed back at uni until it closed at like 6.30-7…so we sorta had more than 40hours. But meh, that’s not important. Making the game was a little more teadious than we intended it to be as some of the systems we not developed in ways we would have liked. As we were sorta C++ rookies, we ran into a few issues with syntax, so some things were done in terrible ways.

As we needed to make a level, we ended up making a ingame level editor. If you paused the game, you could press 1 through to 0 or Q through to P to create objects and place them. You could then save the level so it would be the same next time. An issue we had with this were moving enemies. If they were mid movement and we saved their position, they would start in the wrong place next time. So it was back to the board and we fixed it. This wasn’t the most beautiful editor ever, but it functioned. We made final version of the level for the game in the last hour. We were stripped for time.

The art in this game was beautiful. It definitely allowed us to feel better about our work as we had nice artwork to show off in the game. We had a little laugh when we received a walk animation with 90 frames. It was extremely smooth.

Overall, we were very proud of our work. We created an engine and a game all within a week. From planning to coding to showing it off, it was all done. We won some award, we went home happy, and we rested for the next week, getting prepared to go back to uni.


On a side note, here is some UML



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