OpenData reflection

This task was a bit of a mess. The original intention was to make a tool as a class that would be able to read in csv, xml and json and then spit out KML for google earth. Then we would make correlations between the data. However, the task didn’t really end up like that. That’s for a few reasons which will be discussed.

What we ended up doing was taking our data, making a conversion for that set of data (as opposed to a generic converter) and then displayed our KML in a comprehensible way.

The main reason that this task got pushed back so much is due to tackling 3 things at once. We were working on the alternate input device project (Breathing detection with the connect for me) and the flocking task at the same time. This meant that unfortunately this task got left behind. Eventually, we decided to post-pone it but once we came back to it there was another issue…

Most of us had picked csv data. This was because it was the most commonly available format, and all the interesting data only really came in csv. So we ended up just writing the parsers for our specific set of data. This is where I decided to give C# .net a go for the first time…and I must say, I was impressed. Usually I would be tempted to just do it in c++, but I have reflected on that in the past and I know that’s not a great solution. The time it would have taken to do it in C++ would well exceed the C# time. That’s because I would have had to make some sort of way to choose a file, choose an output location then write the parser. However, .net has a lot of that stuff covered. Using the WinForms made my life so much easier. All I really needed to write was the parser and then spit out the KML.

I believe it was really wise to use C# as it has allowed me to see a problem in my pipeline. Prior I never took the language into consideration. However, continuing forward, I will now take the language that would be most beneficial to the project into account. Good lesson learnt.


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