Ma’at’s Recruit UML designing

Ma’at’s Recruit is the name of our final project (Name is subject to change thankfully!). This game is a roguelike game that is set in an ancient egyptian era and focuses on a hero chosen my Ma’at herself to settle the battle with Anubis. However, i’m not here to sell the game today, i’m here to discuss UML.

Now I would be lying if I enjoyed writing documentation. However, I understand the significance of it and how it will undoubtedly help us in the future. One of the important documentation stages is UML. This is where you document how your code is going to work together. You outline the classes, their members, functions and how they link to other classes. So we completed some UML for Ma’at’s Recruit.

The process has been extremely helpful processes. The way we tend to do it is to write out what systems we are going to need to a whiteboard, then start filling in how they work. My favourite part of UML is being able to know exactly how the code is going to work and have a reference to refer to anytime. A good example of UML working out for the best is when I was working on GBA stuff with Chris. We both wrote our parts and they just worked together without us having to fix anything.




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